On Point

Mashable's Christina Warren talks to Jony Ive and Anna Wintour:

Now that Apple isn't just designing products that go in a pocket, I asked Ive how he approaches the design process without going off-trend.

Ive said that the biggest challenge when designing the Apple Watch wasn't designing on trend, but that Apple "couldn't make a very broad range of products."

"What we designed was a system not a singular product," Ive told me. It's also why it was so important for the Apple Watch strap to be easily changeable. "I think we found that by being able to change the strap, not just change the color but the design — and the designs change profoundly — that we could start to introduce a new look in combination with different watch faces and user interfaces."

Because ultimately, Ive said, "none of us want to wear the same thing." Ive added: "We strive to design things that are inevitable."

Wintour noted that "the beauty of what Apple does at Apple is that they're not on trend; they are classic. I don't think trend is a word I would ever associate with Jony's work."

Apple's Jony Ive and Vogue's Anna Wintour: Machines can build beautiful things | Mashable

Transcending trend and creating something truly classic is tricky business — especially when it comes to consumer electronics, even for Jony Ive, or had you forgotten the iMac G3 in Blue Dalmation?