No Appreciable Differences

Consumer Reports takes a comprehensive look at #chipgate, finds literally zero for new iPhone 6s owners to fret over.

At the end of testing, both phones quit at about the same time, after a little more than 11 hours and 600-plus webpage downloads. The differences here were even smaller than in the previous test: less than 1 percent.

During this test, we also monitored the phone's temperature using tiny, adhesive-backed heat sensors called thermocouples. During 11 hours of testing, surface temperatures climbed as high as 84° F. Here again, the difference between the two phones was less than 1 percent.

The Chipgate Verdict

We found no appreciable differences in battery life or temperature between the iPhones 6s models with the varying chips.

Battery Tests Find No 'Chipgate' Problems in the iPhone 6s | Consumer Reports

See, nothing to worry about, but if you simply have to's the app they used to identify which SoC is inside your phone (but why oh why are you doing this to yourself?).