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The Future

This week is CES and while Apple is largely nowhere to be found, the future is. What does the future look like? The usual humdrum of the “internet of things”, curved displays, and washing machines hidden inside washing machines, wait…what?

Your bent iPhone 6 Plus was merely a prototype

I knew it:

“Apple Granted a Patent for Advanced Flexible iPhones & Beyond”

Facebook acquires Her-wannabe and Siri-like Wit.AI

Again, because of the “internet of things” thing…

Wit.AI has about 6,000 developers on its platform, which allows users to program speech-recognition controls into their devices and deliver the capabilities via API. When I spoke with co-founder Alex Lebrun in May, he explained that his ultimate goal is to power artificially intelligent personalities like those in the move Her, but the company’s present focus is on helping power devices that can respond to simple voice commands. At the time, he said, Wit.AI was working with SmartThings on its line of connected devices, and was in talks with Nest before the Google acquisition.

Facebook acquires speech-recognition IoT startup Wit.AI | Gigaom

SIM-free unlocked iPhone 6 and 6 Plus now available

For those so inclined…

Hold for release till end of the world confirmed

Really? This is our send off?

the never-before-seen video the last living CNN employee will be required to play before succumbing to radiation poisoning, the plague, zombies, or whatever crazy end Turner saw coming.

This Is The Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends | Jalopnik