Crushing it

The sale of an astounding 74.5 million iPhones has helped net Apple a record $74.6 billion in revenue for their fiscal first quarter, well above their own estimates of between $63.5 billion and $66.5 billion, and decidedly still above the analysts' consensus estimate of $67.5 billion. Apple's net income also ballooned, to $18 billion, an apparent record for any company ever, if this Wikipedia entry is to be believed. All of this mind you, on the back of largely one device whose average selling price (ASP) is a not cheap for anybody on this planet $687, basically a giant foam hand middle finger to every analyst ever demanding Apple must sell a cheaper iPhone or they're doomed (not that this will stop analysts from now asking Apple CEO Tim Cook when we can expect a smaller iPhone).

More details on Apple's first quarter results can be found in their press release here.