Ariel Adams knows more about the Apple Watch than you do

After some hands-on time with the Apple Watch, I've learned a few things. Perhaps the most important of which is that the majority of discussions regarding the Apple Watch by the traditional watch media have been rather misguided. I feel that people need to understand that the Apple Watch is not only a new type of product for Apple, but the first real "cross-over watch" that wades in both the waters of technology and horology. For a moment, I'd like people to put aside their criticisms and complaints, and consider what I believe to be a future inevitability: the dominance of the smartwatch as a necessary tool in the everyday lives of everyday people.

Apple Watch Hands-On: The Wristwatch Just Caught Up To The 21st Century | A Blog To Watch

When author Ariel Adams says "hands-on" he means it, I haven't read or seen this much detail on the Apple Watch in all its iterations anywhere else to date. If you're interested in the Apple Watch, you'll want to read this.

via: Daring Fireball