Up is down and back again

Wired reviews the iPhone 6 Plus in the most nauseating fashion:

And so where do we land here? This is the best smartphone hardware I’ve ever used. It’s gorgeous and luxurious and seems almost decadent. I adore the display. I’m even more smitten with the camera. The battery life is a triumph. The applications are so much better and more varied than what you’ll find on Android or Windows Phone that those other two platforms seem almost untenable by comparison. (Which, of course, they aren’t. Both have their own strengths.)

This device is hard to sum up. Everything about it is wonderful, and if the bending doesn’t get any worse, and the scratches remain minor, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It’s a truly wonderful phone, the best from a purely hardware perspective I’ve ever used

The WIRED iPhone 6 Plus Review: Too Big to Fail, But Not to Bend | WIRED

Author Mat Honan's conclusion? Sticking with Android, because, well… he's so dadcore. Barf.