Hey Cupertino! The Morning (+)Addition

In where Samsung copied the outside but forgot about the inside

The Verge reviews Samsung's iPhone 5s, err, Galaxy Alpha, unsurprisingly finding it the the most beautiful Galaxy phone yet (and that's about it).

Microsoft cuddles up to Kuddle

A device no child could truly want: “Norwegian Instagram rival to launch child safe tablet with Microsoft”

Lenka goes free

Black and white photography app Lenka is free this week (normally $2.99) in honor of their 100,000th download. Nice app, but very focused (no pun intended).

Microsoft to open 5th Avenue store near Apple's landmark Cube store

Set to sell all kind of devices nobody on 5th Avenue wants.

Can an iPhone 6 bend if nobody is around to bend it?

This dude says yes. I'm skeptical.