Breaking other people's shit goes #normcore

I had my pick of locations to examine the iPhone Plus, so I chose a discrete spot toward the middle of the store with my back to most of the crowd. I picked it up in my hand, as expected light, yet sturdy, for lack of a better term. Now I was curious.

I took a peek around….out of the side of my eye I happened to notice I was not the only person conducting this experiment. At least two others were doing the same at the same time. I went about my business.

After watching some of the videos online I knew what the supposed weak spot was. (From watching others, they were just guessing.) Taking my thumbs I pressed and pushed in toward my hands that were firmly around the rest of the phone covering the entirety of the screen on the other side. It bent.

I Walked Into An Apple Store And Was Able To Bend The iPhone 6 Plus Pretty Easily 

Uhhhhh WTF Business Insider?