Apple can't even do the Chinese gray market right

But the gray market for the new iPhones has already dried up, even though they will not officially go on sale in China for a few weeks, at the earliest.

Wholesalers who helped orchestrate the smuggling of tens of thousands of the phones into the country are now slashing prices to move inventory. At an electronics market in central Beijing, one retailer was recently selling the low-end iPhone 6 and 6 Plus for 6,500 renminbi to 8,800 renminbi ($1,060 to $1,436), down from 12,000 renminbi to 15,000 renminbi ($1,960 to $2,450) just after the release.

A Glum Sign for Apple in China, as Smuggled iPhones Go Begging -

While I appreciate the insights into the Chinese gray market for iPhones, I could do with a bit less of the trolling pessimism over “tens of thousands” of smuggled, but at some point paid for, iPhones not moving at massively inflated prices when consumers know they'll likely have an opportunity to purchase an iPhone 6 in its original packaging at retail prices in the near future.