Heycupertino! The Morning Addition

1. BioShock'd.

2K's port of the classic game is coming to iOS this summer, with MFi controller support and no IAP. Expect the pricing to be “premium”.

2. Ultratext updated

The easiest way to send super annoying GIFs to your friends, Ultratext just got updated with iPad support, hi-res emoji, improved camera integration, and additional sharing options.

3. Shamelessly Chamfered

Oh Samsung. Must you, really?

4. G Watch corroding? There's a patch for that. Wait, what?

LG claims to have a software patch to address user reports of corroding charging connectors. It's just so crazy it might actually work.

5. Al-Qaeda prefers Android to iOS

Like everybody else in the world, it all obviously boils down to the Benjamins.