Heycupertino! The Morning Addition

1. The Beat goes on

Head of Beats Music, Mr. Ian Rogers, to now helm iTunes Radio. No word on how fast it will take to implement Beats Music's vaunted rapid battery draining technology.

2. Apple clickbait generator

Kirk Lennon and Owen Evans' website magically generates a Business Insider-worthy “what's wrong with Apple now” article with every refresh. Genius.

3. $700,000 a day

Nope, not how much Jared Sinclair is making from Unread, it's how much Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is banking, with the celebrity in question reportedly in for a 45% cut.

4. Can you help a brother out?

The share of Twitter users who never see an ad versus those who do is going in the wrong direction. You have nobody but yourself and Tweetbot to blame.

5. Speaking of Twitter

CNET's Jason Parker ran into a gang of Overcast'ers last night on Twitter. The results weren't pretty.