Nest to do what you knew they were going to do when they said they wouldn't

Matt Rogers, a co-founder of the smart-thermostat maker, said in an interview that Google will connect some of its apps to Nest, allowing Google to know when Nest users are at home or not.

The integration will allow those users to set the temperature of their homes with voice commands to a Google mobile app. It will also allow Google’s personal digital assistant, Google Now, to set the temperature automatically when it detects, using a smartphone’s location-tracking abilities, that a user is returning home.

Rolfe Winkler and Alistair Barr | The Wall Street Journal

This sort of thing doesn't bother me like it does others, and as the article points out, if you're using an Android device, Google already knows where you are anyway. Now for iOS Nest users who hated the Google-Nest acquisition because of the presumed “privacy goes bye-bye” downward spiral, well… here's step one.