Microsoft Surface Pro 3: #whatevs

So Microsoft announced the Surface Mini, err, scratch that, because rather than give consumers something that Joe Normal might be able to afford and maybe even kind of want, they instead announced the Surface Pro 3, a honking huge laptop minus the keyboard which is required but innovatively sold separately as an accessory.

At the Surface event this morning, Microsoft made a big deal about the Pro 3 being the laptop replacement (specifically mentioning the Macbook Air), though as Joanna Stern points out in her video preview, this is something Microsoft has said before. To be fair, the Surface Pro 3 is an impressive piece of tech and their event was an interesting bit of theater, it's just that the Pro 3's evolutionary tweaks to a device garnering 2% of the tablet market isn't exactly going to move notably more product off very sad Microsoft Store shelves. If it were me at the Microsoft helm, I'd be rushing to pump out a super-sexy, smallish tablet with a compelling price point, robust app store, and maybe 1TB of free One Drive before Christmas, but $930 (base model) for a “laptop replacement” that is effectively a laptop broken in half and sold as two pieces just strikes me as totally #whatevs.