Jury awards Apple $119.6M and a bag of chips in patent trial against Samsung

The Apple v. Samsung jury decision is in with what amounts to a win in name only for the Cupertino company. Samsung is accused of infringing on two Apple patents, but the award granted to Apple, a mere $119.6M, pales in comparison to the $2.2B Apple was seeking. Adding insult to injury, Samsung was rewarded $158,400 in damages in their counter-suit after the jury found Apple had infringed on 1 of 2 patents in question.

The jury found all accused Samsung phones infringed on the first patent at issue, the ’647 quick links patent, but ruled various phones did not infringe on two others related to universal search and background synchronization. For the ’721 “slide-to-unlock” patent, it ruled some Samsung products infringe, while others did not.

Ina Fried | Re/code

A victory on paper I guess, but this has got to be a damned demoralizing outcome for Apple given that $119M is likely what Samsung will spend on just the catering for their WWDC trolling “Conversation Around Health” event. As frustrating as it is, for Samsung, copying Apple is competing with Apple, and a $119M probably ain't gonna change that.