Growth Hacking clogging up the inter-tubes.

Forbe's Parmy Olson on the new to me term of “growth hacking” amongst “me too” apps, in this case an app coat-tailing the popular Secret app cleverly named “Secrets” that apparently at one point was forcing users to invite all of their contacts to download the app as well.

That became a problem when Secrets hit 2,000 downloads. Not only was the spam annoying, it was clogging up the mobile network. Secrets had started sending invites over-and-over to numbers like 2383, the ATM pins that people were putting in their address books, and the resulting flood of text messages turned into a classic a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on local carriers. In one case, an oblivious Secrets user sent more than 30,000 invites to invalid numbers on their address book over the course of two days, according to AdaptiveMobile, a Dublin, Ireland-based security company that studies mobile spam.