With flops like these...

While we don't have exact sales numbers for either model, it is now clear that iPhone 5c was a remarkable success, not just as 2013's second most popular smartphone of the holiday season (after Apple's top of the line iPhone 5s), but also in its intended strategic roles as both a mid-market smartphone and a compelling Android alternative.

Speaking to analysts during Apple's Q2 earnings conference call, chief executive Tim Cook stated that 69 percent of iPhone 5c buyers were new to iPhone, while 60 percent had switched from an Android phone. For the cheaper iPhone 4S, the ratios were even higher (although the sales volumes were much smaller): 85 percent were new to iPhone, while 62 percent switched from Android.

“And so we're incredibly pleased with this,” Cook stated.

Daniel Eran Dilger | AppleInsider

Pundit commentary on the “failure” of the 5c annoys me to no end. In the conference call for Apple's latest earnings CEO Tim Cook specifically said the entire current lineup is selling better than its predecessors. Sure, we don't know how much better, but better is better, and judging by Apple's latest quarter it certainly isn't hurting the bottom line any, but that somehow isn't going to stop the endless amount of tweets and comments on the failure of the 5c, largely based on the purely anecdotal inaneness of “I haven't seen one in the wild”.