Loom downgraded to Dropbox's Carousel

It’s been a long road and we feel that we have come a long way in solving this problem. We are elated to announce the next step in this journey: Loom is becoming a part of the Dropbox family. We look forward to this transition as the next step in creating a home for all of your photos and videos, seamlessly organized, while still keeping them at your fingertips.


Interesting that Everpix couldn't find a buyer, but the app that everybody nabbed after Everpix went belly up gets acquihired by Dropbox, and painfully for users, that doesn't mean Loom sticks around as separate service under the Dropbox umbrella because it looks like the Loom team and Loom users are being rolled into the newfangled, but “just OK” Carousel app. Thankfully I'm unaffected by this as I've been using, and enjoying Picturelife and only use Dropbox as a temporary workflow waystation inspired by some of Federico Viticci's ideas here.