Google helpfully removes your privacy as your Gmail is sent, received, and stored.

Google added a paragraph to its terms of service as of Monday to tell customers that, yes, it does scan e-mail content for advertising and customized search results, among other reasons. The change comes as Google undergoes a lawsuit over its e-mail scanning, with the plaintiffs complaining that Google violated their privacy.

Casey Johnston | Ars Technica

Note the new TOS specifically spells out that Google's bots analyze your email “as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored.” No doubt some Gmail'ers might be a bit off put by this even if it does mean that Google will so graciously use your scanned content to provide you with improved search results and more relevant ad placements. That non-Gmail'ers will be emailing Gmail accounts completely unaware of Google's TOS and by definition having their content scanned as well is neither here nor there.