Attack of the Drones, or alternatively, Google acquires Titan Aerospace

Google has acquired the solar powered drone startup Titan Aerospace for a currently undisclosed sum according to The Wall Street Journal. You might recall Titan was being courted only just last month by Facebook before they acquihired UK drone startup Ascenta for $20B. We already know Facebook will roll Ascenta into their Connectivity Lab whose effort is dedicated to "affordable access to basic internet services available to every person in the world" via "drones, satellites and lasers"

Similarly, Google plans to use Titan's drones in to augment their Project Loon, which as currently blueprinted relies on high-altitude balloons to bring broadband to unconnected areas of the world, though many are already speculating that Google could also use Titan's near space drones to augment Google Maps or other Google divisions. I don't doubt the charitable stated goals of either company when it comes to bringing the wonders of Buzzfeed to the unconnected masses in Africa and elsewhere, just realize that both companies are actually trying to win the battle of "being the internet" (like AOL was for Mom and Dad 15 years ago) in the unconnected minds in far away places.