Air Jordan

Among nostalgics, collectors, and sneaker aficionados, the demand for both vintage and new limited edition Air Jordans remains so great that the primary market can’t seem to sate it. On the online auction site eBay, some 2.25 million pairs of sneakers were sold for roughly $200 million last year, according to estimates by sneaker data site Campless. And of that, over $62 million was spent on Air Jordan sneakers, which can go for as much as $2,800 for a pristine pair of 1985 originals, still in their box, or $1,500 for a limited edition Retro 4 IV Doernbecher pair, which originally retailed for $175 in 2011. Jordan XIs and Jordan Vs alone, the two most popular makes, accounted for more than $25 million of eBay sneaker sales.

Roberto A. Ferdman | Quartz

$62 million was blowing my mind right up until perspective punched me in the face: Jordan's contract with Nike brings in $60 million per year, and wholesale Air Jordan's net roughly $1.75 billion globally.