iPhone 5C redefines flopping

In fact, Apple's high-end iPhone 5s has been so remarkably successful, in spite of the supposed cheapening trend in smartphone buyers' tastes, that Apple's critics have been forced to pounce upon the supposed “failure” of the iPhone 5c instead; a phone that sells so “terribly” that it also outsold the ostensibly successful Samsung Galaxy S4 on half of America's top carriers, and pushed every other Android phone out of the top U.S. sales charts entirely, from the first month it went on sale.

The primary data point supporting the “5c Failure” propaganda campaign is that the cheaper model hasn't been able to outsell Apple's top of the line 5s, as if Apple would prefer to sell the 5c and collect at least $100 less per sale.

Daniel Eran Dilger | AppleInsider

But of course every analyst on CNBC will say that Apple is doomed when even the flopping 5c outsells all other Android flagships, Windows phones, Blackberry, etc. Would Tim Cook have wanted the 5c to perform better in emerging markets, well sure, but I suspect no one in Cupertino is crying over the willingness and outright eagerness of customers to reach past the 5c for the higher margin 5s, while still having the 5c outperform untold competition and sell better than its mid-tier predecessor (the 4s).