Both Samsung and Apple are well positioned to maintain their top spots in the mobile marketplace, but usage statistics, in conjunction with sales figures, make it clear that each company has its own set of strengths when it comes to North America. Continental usage of Apple products generally outperform its market share, likely indicating that users are highly engaged with the company’s devices as compared to those of its competitors. Samsung has invested heavily in the North American mobile marketplace, and its devices easily drive the most Android Web traffic.

North American Usage and Adoption Comparison: Apple and Samsung

Though clearly U.S.-centric (where iPhone marketshare is likely even higher than Canada and Mexico), this confirms for the millionth time what we all already know, iPhone (iOS) users are very freaking engaged with their phones while Android users are noticeably less engaged with theirs. Kudos to Samsung for leading the Android herd, but at some point you’d figure their crack design team takes steps to dramatically improve the Galaxy user experience, as my guess is an engaged user is a loyal user (iPhone retention at 76% vs Samsung at 58%), and that loyal users might be a bit more likely to pay for a more expensive (i.e. high margin) device, not to mention spending more money in that device's ecosystem (iTunes/App Store vs. Google Play), and spending vastly more dollars online. It all makes perfect sense to me, but apparently does not compute with Samsung executives and Apple analysts whose only concern and metric-in-chief forever and forever will always be total market share.