Steve Jobs, marketing team of one

Abraham Farag, Apple’s former Senior Mechanical Engineer of Product Design discussing the challenge of evolving mouse design at Apple under Steve Jobs:

“What morons have you working on this project?” he asked as he realized what he was looking at.

“There was just a total hush,” Farag recalls. “No one was going to fess up to being the moron in the room. Eventually I said, ‘Well, this was asked for by the marketing division. It’s a multi-button mouse. It’s been approved through Apple’s process channels, and so we’ve been working on it.” Jobs stared at him.

“I’m Marketing,” he said. “It’s a marketing team of one. And we’re not doing that product.” With that, he turned and stalked off.

Luke Dormehl | Cult of Mac

Despite all their aesthetic endeavors, Apple never gets the accessories quite right. Ear buds, mice, keyboards, the Apple TV remote, iPad covers, the iPhone 5c cover, all seem like things you’d strongly consider replacing in short order.