Secret project

He told shareholders that employees are working on great new products, some of which may be viewed as “extensions of what we’re already doing,” while others are “things that you can’t see.” Maintaining secrecy is important, he said, because talking about the future gives competitors a road map of Apple’s plans and the company is “getting ripped off left, right and sideways.”

But Cook may have slipped toward the end of his session and revealed a clue about Apple’s future. In response to a question about manufacturing in the U.S., Cook pointed to a plant a supplier recently opened in Arizona to produce sapphire exclusively for Apple. There’s been speculation that Apple may use the super-hard sapphire to produce scratch-resistant screens for future iPhones. Cook said the Arizona facility was a “secret project” that he couldn’t talk about.

But then, he said other Apple suppliers “already make” glass for iPhones in the U.S. An Apple spokeswoman declined additional comment.

Daisuke Wakabayashi | WSJ

“Things you can't see”. Don't need to see them, but I really don't mind hearing more about them.