iPhone 5s loses selfie challenge

Philip Elmer-DeWitt for Fortune on New York Times’ Molly Wood “Your Best Selfie Challenge”

But the iPhone’s selfies were a disappointment: “Its focus was inconsistent, colors tended to appear washed out, and its lens produced the most distortion of the bunch (once again: My nose does not look like that in real life).”

As for the rest …

“The HTC One produced the best selfies. They were consistently in focus and had rich, true colors, and the camera performed better in low light than the competition.”

“The Nokia Lumia 1020 was a close second, despite its lower resolution, but indoor shots were worse than outdoor shots.”

“The Samsung Galaxy S4 suffers from focus issues, so its selfies were inconsistent, and any bright lights in the background resulted in badly blown-out images.” link

Not a big fan of the iPhone’s front facing camera’s distortion and focus issues either. Maybe it does have something to do with the nose…