Apple working on "great stuff" in "new categories", buys back $14 billion in shares in past two weeks

Daisuke Wakabayashi for The Wall Street Journal:

Thursday, Mr. Cook reiterated that Apple plans to enter a new category this year. Apple watchers are speculating about wearable devices or a new television platform.

“There will be new categories. We're not ready to talk about it, but we're working on some really great stuff,” Mr. Cook said. When asked whether a new product category could mean an improvement on an existing product like an iPad Air, a lighter version of its tablet computer, or new services such as mobile payments, Mr. Cook declined to comment.

He said that anyone “reasonable” would consider what Apple is working on as new categories. link

Ok so “really great stuff” in “new categories”, but how excited is Apple about the new products?

Apple Inc. has bought $14 billion of its own shares in the two weeks since reporting financial results that disappointed Wall Street, Chief Executive Tim Cook said in an interview.

Ok then, pretty excited it seems.