Unread - An RSS Reader

Jared Sinclair’s (of Riposte fame) RSS reader, Unread for iPhone is now available on App Store. Unread is a squeaky-clean take on the mess that usually is a RSS reader. Tactile, intuitive, and distinctly easy to read, Unread is mostly all hits, including integration with Drafts (instabuy for me right there), with just a few, albeit notable, misses like not integrating with Evernote and not being able to advance to the next article without returning to Unread’s list view. I’m enjoying it so far, and I get the feeling that Reeder 2 might be departing my phone shortly.

Unread by Jared Sinclair is $2.99 [1] and is available for iPhone.

  1. Introductory price.  ↩