Screwing the Scroogler

According to tech site Recode, Penn (ed: Mark Penn) is on the bubble with the company’s new CEO, which might help him avoid the same fate he saw six years ago: bearing the blame for defeat.

Penn, a long-time political strategist, joined the company in July 2012. He’s the guy behind Microsoft’s anti-Google ad campaign, “Scroogled,” which has alternated between criticizing the search giant for selling user data to advertisers and critiquing products like the Google Chromebook laptop. Its most recent push involves introducing the Chromebook to the not-particularly-tech-savvy stars of Pawn Stars, a campaign which said hit a “new low” for the company.

Yes those ads are terrible, and his campaign for Hillary was terrible, and just get rid of this guy already, but really- all I had on this one was the headline.