On keeping secrets secret

WSJ’s Geoffrey A. Fowler with Marc Rogers (DefCon head of security) on the security of Secret, Whisper, and Ask.fm apps:

So what happens if the apps are hacked? All three companies say they go to great lengths for security. Mr. Rogers says they’ve generally gone further than most apps to protect data.

Secret, which has the most identifying data, keeps secrets separate from user profiles. Decoding who created a specific post requires the company’s two founders to both unlock virtual keys at the same time.

Mr. Rogers looked under the hood of the apps to see if they take an important, but often overlooked, step to protect users: encrypting data as it passes over the Internet. Ask.fm and Secret encrypt everything, Whisper encrypts sensitive information but not all data.

Geoffrey A. Fowler | The Wall Street Journal

My secret: It scares me when Secret asks for my email and phone number when signing up so I deleted it.