On 0% of home screens? Microsoft.

An interesting read well worth your time, but in a purely trollish way I've culled the following:

Right after the new year, we culled 1000 homescreen images from Twitter, cut up the images and tabulated the apps on the homescreens vs. those in folders.


Microsoft-branded apps are 0 percent of people’s homescreens. Microsoft-owned (i.e., Skype) are on 11.5 percent. In the context of a different era, when Windows competed with OS X, this made sense. In the world we live in today, it doesn’t. It highlights just how irrelevant Microsoft has become for people whose primary computing experience is off the desktop. Furthermore if you consider that Skype’s traffic now represents almost 40 percent of the international calling business. The 12 percent number suggests that Skype is predominantly a desktop service.

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The bad news is you're a services company on 0% of homescreens, the good news? There's no place to go but up for new CEO Satya Nadella.