Apple and Tesla

A source tells The Chronicle that Perica met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in Cupertino last spring around the same time analysts suggested Apple acquire the electric car giant.

A spokeswoman for Tesla declined to comment. Apple did not respond to a request for comment.


Just because everybody at Apple buys a Tesla doesn't mean Apple is going to buy Tesla. There are of course, much more obvious explanations, like negotiations to put iOS on the Model S' 17" touchscreen, or it might be this:

I'm very excited about our plans for a giga factory. It would be the biggest battery factory in the world by far and we'd do it in partnership with some other companies and that's shaping up really well. I'm very excited about it. We're making the final selection as to which state it will be in the next month or so.

Elon Musk interviewed by CNBC via: Elektrek

Apple buying Tesla? I don't thinks so, but Apple investing in the biggest lithium-ion factory in the world sounds a lot more plausible.