Microsoft's Frank Shaw has a sad

The unintentionally funny response from Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Communications Frank Shaw to the NYT's Farhad Manjoo's column “How to Survive the Next Wave of Technology Extinction” in where Manjoo recommendeds using Apple's hardware, Google's services, and Amazon's media:

More importantly though you are discounting the possibility that the best antidote to extinction is actually betting on players who are innovating today, not simply monetizing the products they invented 5 or 10 years ago. Your own advice would have had a 2007 smartphone buyer picking a BlackBerry over an iPhone, a 2001 gamer buying a Dreamcast instead of an Xbox, and a 2008 social media user putting all their contacts into MySpace, not Facebook. This would have look like sound advice at those moments in time, but of course it wasn’t. Not because those products were bad, but because they had already peaked, and were no longer focused on solving customer problems in fresh new ways. The best way to avoid extinction is betting on a commitment to evolution through innovation.

So while your readers could take your advice and blend in with the current crowd, we’d encourage you (and them) to take a look at some alternatives that offer even better ways to get things done. And with a cross-platform connected ecosystem that spans the workplace to the living room featuring best in class products like Office, Skype and Xbox, we’re a pretty safe bet too.

Business Insider

I have trouble squaring “Office, Skype, and Xbox” with anything in the paragraph before it.