Indispensable companion

Dick Costolo says the impact of recent design changes gives him confidence that Twitter can meet its ambitious growth goals.

“It’s this indispensable companion to life in the moment,” Costolo said, speaking Thursday at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco.

Asked about a Facebook-like design that has been talked about on the Web of late, Costolo said that Twitter will try lots of things in its efforts to bring content more to the forefront. “You will see us doing a significant amount of experimentation around different ideas,” he said.


At least in my case, it's true that Twitter is an “indispensable companion”, but it took quite a bit of time and quite a few follows till it actually clicked for me. Now that it has clicked I don't care to see the “140 characters at a time in reverse chronological order” formula disturbed even though I know it has to if Twitter, I mean TWTR, is going to add and retain new users.