Apple on the putting on of the big boy pants

In an affidavit filed by GTAT COO Daniel Squiller, life as a mid-tier supplier to the company from Cupertino is portrayed in a rather unflattering light:

Apple offered an arrangement that required GTAT to borrow money from Apple to purchase furnace components and assemble furnaces that would be used to grow sapphire for Apple. The new structure, as a contract matter, shifted all economic risk to GTAT, because Apple would act as a lender and would have no obligation to purchase any sapphire furnaces, nor did it have any obligation to purchase any sapphire material produced by GTAT. At the same time, Apple constrained GTAT from doing business with any other manufacturer in or supplier to the consumer electronics market, subject to extreme penalties...


GT execs were apparently told to "put on [their] big boy pants and accept the agreement."

Apple to GT Advanced: “Put on your big boy pants and accept the agreement” | Ars Technica

Concerned that such revelations might skew current and future suppliers' opinions, Apple responded:

GTAT could have walked away from negotiations with Apple and refused to enter into the Agreements. GTAT did not do so because it saw the opportunity to become a supplier for Apple as transformative for its business. GTAT is a sophisticated publicly-traded corporation (through its parent) with sophisticated counsel and no agreements were forced on GT...

Apple did not trick GTAT into entering into the Agreements. The agreements were negotiated by the two companies and their sophisticated counsel. The unfortunate loss of value to the public shareholders was not caused by Apple, but rather GTAT's inability to perform under the Agreements.

So...basically GTAT's "sophisticated counsel" was as sophisticated as a dinner date with Mama June and Sugar Bear.