Hey Cupertino! The Morning (+)Addition

Google buys RelativeWave, makes $80 Form Mac app free.

Congrats to RelativeWave, developers of Form, the app that helps you prototype your app UI.

I'm very excited to announce that the RelativeWave team is joining Google to continue the development of Form!

I speak for the team when I say that we're incredibly humbled by what the community has created with Form. We've seen people create designs that we could have never imagined. It's one of the best feelings in the world to see people using your work.

Today, with the help of Google, we're making Form free on the Mac App Store. We want to get Form in the hands of as many people as possible, and this is our first step in accomplishing that goal.


New 5.6.2 update brings “lightning-fast” share extension and improved 1Password support. All day, every day with this app.

I knew there was a reason I hated Mondays

“Monday is the most common day for workplace murders”


Yesterday MacStories' Federico Viticci posted one of his trademark epic all encompassing “you should really read this” reviews, this time of Todoist.

I've been trying to make this transistion from reminders/Fantastical to Todoist myself, but it hasn't stuck yet.

We're all Beats users now (or possibly soon)

A report says Apple will add Beats Music to its growing list of pre-installed apps, though I question if this really means “the Beats Music app”, or Beats Music functionality rolled into the iTunes app and no longer called Beats Music.