Hey Cupertino! The Morning (+)Addition

Nokia introduces their own iPad mini.

The Nokia N1 runs the same screen and resolution as the iPad mini complete with anodized aluminum. Plus Android. Ugh. It's amazing what you can do with no in-house design department these days. And yes, even the website looks like Apple's.


Remember that super-kewl Metal enhance MOBA game called Vainglory highlighted at the Apple keynote in September? It's now available in the App Store, and is easily the best looking MOBA for iOS.

Sony announces 21MP Exmor RS mobile image sensor with 4K video

The manufacturer of the iPhone's image sensor has announced a new image sensor that along with the spec bumps above adds image plane phase detection AF, allowing for much faster and accurate focus and focus tracking of moving subjects. May not be what ends up in the iPhone 6s, but definitely shows you what may lie ahead.

“Two pizzas sitting on top of a stove top oven”

Google shows off crazy auto-captioning for photos.

Samsung to reduce smartphone models by a third

Probably all the ones that don't look like the iPhone.