Emil Michael's awful journalism comments punished with really mean Tweetstorm finger wag from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick bravely took to Twitter today to throw a cup of water on the raging fire ingnited by fellow Uber executive Emil Michael's “dirt-digging” comments:

1/ Emil's comments at the recent dinner party were terrible and do not represent the company.

2/ His remarks showed a lack of leadership, a lack of humanity, and a departure from our values and ideals

3/ His duties here at Uber do not involve communications strategy or plans and are not representative in any way of the company approach

4/ Instead, we should lead by inspiring our riders, our drivers and the public at large.

5/ We should tell the stories of progress and appeal to people’s hearts and minds

6/ We must be open and vulnerable enough to show people the positive principles that are the core of Uber’s culture

7/ We must tell the stories of progress Uber has brought to cities and show the our constituents that we are principled and mean well

8/ The burden is on us to show that, and until Emil’s comments we felt we were making positive steps along those lines

9/ But I will personally commit to our riders, partners and the public that we are up to the challenge

10/ We are up to the challenge to show that Uber is and will continue to be a positive member of the community

11/ And furthermore, I will do everything in my power towards the goal of earning that trust

12/ I believe that folks who make mistakes can learn from them – myself included.

13/ and that also goes for Emil ..

13/ and last, I want to apologize to @sarahcuda


Because nothing says you're up to the challenge of demonstating Uber's positive principles more than a no-consequence Tweetstorm.