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Apple adds a Home Depot of market value to itself

Last month.

In the last month, since the lows of the “correction of 2014″ Apple (AAPL) shares have gained nearly 20% or about $130 billion in market cap. Astounding!  Put another way, AAPL has gained the market cap of Home Depot (HD), a U.S. retailer with over $80 billion in sales!  The stock is up 42% year to date, equaling $280 billion in market cap, or equivalent of Alibaba!


Loving this game right now.

Beats at the Genius Bar

The time has come:

According to internal data obtained by TechnoBuffalo, Apple Store Genius Bars will start to service and repair Beats products on Nov. 18, the same day Apple Store employees will gain access the MobileGenius 3.3, an update to the in-store app used by Genius Bar employees. The shot above, from an internal system, also suggests new “streamlined iPhone mail-in and loaner procedures.”

Report: China nabs WireLurkers

Beijing Police reportedly have 3 WireLurker "masterminds" in custody:

Apple users in China can perhaps sleep a bit easier, provided that the three suspects in Beijing police custody are really the masterminds behind the WireLurker malware that has targeted Chinese users of Macs and iPhones. The malware, which harvested user data from infected computers and connected mobile devices, was branded as "unprecedented" due to its way of spreading and the amount of personal data it could gain through it. Apple has already taken steps to block infected programs but the rest of the work rests on users.

Apple opens China's app store floodgates

This is kind of big:

On Monday (Beijing time), Apple announced that it had struck a deal that will make it easier for UnionPay card holders to buy goods and services on Apple’s App Store in China — the company’s second largest market for app downloads.

Rather than clicking through a cumbersome three-step process — selecting a bank, setting up an online password, and depositing a minimum of about $8 in a prepaid account — just to buy an app, Chinese customers can now link their Apple ID with their UnionPay card for what Apple describes as “one-tap purchases.” Apple already has nearly 600 million credit card numbers on file. This deal it could give it a whole lot more.