Guy in 2014 just now getting around to breaking up with Google Glass

Lance Ulanoff for Mashable:

Google Glass, you’re really not an average people device. I mean, other than journalists, media types and early adopters, I never saw an average person wearing you. For a while, this made our relationship feel special. Now, though, it makes me feel odd.

Developers don’t want to build for the odd or unpopular product – certainly not when they’re building products for consumers. That’s why they’re walking away, Glass: They simply do not see the consumer potential. And if they walk away — as Twitter has already done — I have trouble seeing your potential. Without these consumer platforms, we will, like many couples that grow apart, have less and less in common.

Now, as I said, I’m not anti-wearable, and I don’t think these developers are either. They’re just recognizing the essential disconnect between wearables and consumers that mostly boils down to fashion.

Why I'm breaking up with Google Glass | Mashable

Oh my God it's so sad that it took him this long, but hey thanks for confirming my previous point exactly.