A podcast feature has just been found in Spotify's app code

 Ingrid Lunden for TechCruch:

Spotify’s upcoming integration with Uber — getting announced formally today — is not the only development the music streaming service has planned to grow its business. The company has plans for a podcasting service as well as an as-yet undetermined feature that is currently set up under the name “Magic.”

The features, uncovered in a developer build of the app, sit alongside code that also shows the Spotify end of the Uber integration. On Friday, we revealed the Uber side of the Spotify service — which will let users stream their Spotify music as they come into an Uber car.

Hidden In Spotify’s App Code Alongside Uber, Plans To Launch Podcasts And Something ‘Magic’ | TechCrunch

Ouch paid paid podcast apps, though it appears Spotify has qualified this with "we are always testing new things to our different platforms and to various user groups". As to "Magic" it would be nice if it somehow applied to making rating music inside the app actually mean (expletive) something because that would be magical.