Guy who didn't like watches for entire life launches Watchville app

  Josh Constine for TechCrunch:

“I did not like watches my entire life,” Digg co-founder Kevin Rose tells me. That’s an odd admission for a man who just launched Watchville, an app that aggregates news from top wristwatch blogs, and offers an atomic clock tool to help you set your timepiece and its moon phases.

But Rose explains, “My father passed away and left me with one really nice watch. It was pretty much all he could afford so he spent a lot of time and care on it, a Rolex.” That inspired him to learn more about wristwatches. Yet when the seasoned technologist looked for a way to keep up with his new hobby, “I realized in the luxury space, when you look for apps, there’s nothing.”

Kevin Rose Plots A Luxury Ecommerce Empire Starting With New App Watchville | TechCrunch

Watchville. It's nice, but ok - I guess I need to see part two of Rose's strategy.