U.S. iPhone 6 sales besting iPhone 6 Plus 3-to-1, but that probably tells us nothing about demand

The sales breakdown from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners applies to the first 30 days of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus availability in the U.S. Summarizing the data, analyst Steven Milunovich of UBS noted that the iPhone 6 accounted for 68 percent of all iPhone sales, while the iPhone 6 Plus took between 23 and 24 percent.

iPhone 6 outselling iPhone 6 Plus by 3-to-1 margin in US - report | AppleInsider

"Sales" is one thing, but how deterministic this is for calculating actual demand remains unknown. Personal experience tells me that you can't get an iPhone 6 Plus without a (expletive) 1-2 or month wait at any U.S. carrier right now and nobody seems to know exactly what the supply is like, outside of tight.