A moment on Moment iPhone lens add-ons

Mashable reviews Moment, a two-piece lens add-on for the iPhone 6:

The lenses, a 60 mm 2X telephoto and an 18 mm wide angle are completely self-contained. Each product ships in an elegant black box. The special plate is bundled with it in a think black envelope that includes an extra set of adhesive 3M tape.
To put it together, you clean the back of your iPhone 6 with a soft, dry cloth, peel the protective covering off the back of the small, thin, black mounting plate and then very carefully position the plate on the back of your iPhone.

Moment iPhone 6 lens add-ons are big, bold and feel a bit dangerous | Mashable

I love the idea of adding the reach of a 60mm lens to the iPhone, but that love is replaced by a trembling fear of affixing a not small, and not cheap lens onto a mounting plate held to your iPhone 6 with 3M adhesive tape, that undoubtedly will attract all kinds of pocket gunk to itself in the first five minutes of use. 

Still, looks cool (adds to Evernote > "X-mas Wants").