Hey Cupertino! The Morning (+)Addition


Inline with Google's announcement of the YouTube “Music Key” subscription service (now in beta), the YouTube app for iOS has been updated with a new dedicated “Music” tab where infinite and artist mixes can be created, artist recommendations can be explored, and albums can be played right from search. This app is about to get really sticky I'm thinking.

VSCO Cam 4.0

My favorite photography app just got iPad friendly in new 4.0 update. OMG.

Space Age

Developer Big Bucket's retro Sci-fi adventure game “Space Age” hits the App Store. Macstories has a review…

Earthlings. On a comet.

Yesterday we inhabitants of Earth proved our awesomeness by successfully landing a dishwasher named Philae on comet #67P. Also awesome, you can follow Philae on Twitter.

The ca$e against iPad mini

If the iPad mini goes bye-bye, it'll have the vastly more profitable iPhone 6 Plus to thank for it, or at least that's how the numbers look according to the astute Benedict Evans.