iOS 8 adoption nears 60%

iOS 8's installation numbers have increased approximately four percent over the past two weeks,*which means iOS 8 adoption has jumped eight percent in the past month. During Apple's October 16 iPad event, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that iOS 8 was installed on 48 percent of devices as of October 13. Before that, as of September 21, iOS 8 was installed on 46 percent of devices, indicating that adoption is steadily increasing after several weeks of stagnation.

iOS 8 Now Installed on Nearly 60 Percent of Active iOS Devices - MacRumors Forums

To be fair, I'm not sure how many have updated to iOS 8 vs. how many have just bought an iPhone 6 and pushed the numbers northward, but regardless this is good news for developers and incomparably better than Android adaption…and these numbers will only get better from here.