Hey Cupertino! The Morning (+)Addition

"Overall, as much as this may sound biased, Gear S is awesome"

Says Samsung in their review of their Galaxy Gear S. Alrighty then. Via The Verge.

Google planning to stick around for awhile

Google to lease and refurbish NASA's Moffet Field, but just note the duration:

After years of using Moffett Field as the home and launch pad for the private jets of Google’s founders, the company has agreed to a deal in which it will lease the airfield from NASA for the next 60 years. As part of the lease, Google will take over operations of the airfield while the U.S. government retains ownership of the land.

In a press release, NASA announced that Planetary Ventures LLC, a shell organization operated by Google for real estate deals, will contribute $1.16 billion over the course of the lease, while reducing the government agency’s maintenance and operation costs by $6.3 million annually.

OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 build 14B23

Apple seeds latest build of Yosemite to developers, "asks developers to focus their testing on WiFi-connectvitiy, Exchange accounts in the Mail app, and Notification Center."

Masque Attack

If you're not stupid enough to fall for this...

  1. Have an iOS Developer Enterprise Program account or the universal device identifier (UDID) for the device they want to target.
  2. Make a malicious app that looks like a popular, existing app. (A fake Gmail app that simply loads the Gmail website in FireEye's example.)
  3. Get you to download their fake app from outside the App Store. (For example, by sending you an email with a link in it.)
  4. Get you to agree to the iOS popup that warns you the app you're trying to install is from an untrusted source.

...then you really don't need to worry about it.

iPhone Cloner warns of clones of its clones

Wouldn't want a dumbed down clone of a dumbed down clone now would we?