Oh guy who hates iPhone 6 Plus because it doesn't fit in shirt pocket

On hating the iPhone 6 Plus:

Initially, I was impressed by the screen; it has a higher resolution and is brighter than the standard 6 – which is no slouch itself. In my first few hours with it, I was happy to have the extra screen real estate in those apps that support it. And I really liked the tweaks Apple made to its Messages and Mail apps to take advantage of the greater real estate, providing horizontal layouts that are similar to that found on the iPad.

But my problems began the next morning, when I left for work. I instinctively slid the 6 Plus into my shirt pocket, and grimaced – fully half of it was sticking out the top. I slid it into my pants pocket and headed out the door.

Trying–and failing miserably–to love the iPhone 6 Plus | SF Gate

I don't know where I'll put my iPhone 6 Plus, assuming it ever gets here, but what an odd gripe not being able to keep a phone in your shirt pocket is, not to mention that even the 5s sort of sticks out of most of my shirt pockets and generally just looks terrible there.