#hairgate: nope

Fresh from the online uproar over whether the shiny new iPhone 6 bends when carried around in pockets, Apple has been hit by a new complaint - that the handset traps users' hair or beards when they make calls.

It is difficult to gauge whether there is any real issue, but Twitter users have made #hairgate a rising social media trend, leading major news outlets to pounce on the story.

“The seam on my iPhone 6 where the aluminum meets the glass is definitely catching my hair and pulling it out,” one user tweeted.

'Hairgate': iPhone hit by new social media storm

There's a not so fine line between “Difficult to gauge” and “couldn't be bothered to investigate the claim”. If it was me, I might consider rubbing an iPhone 6 on my face, and for good measure, get a number of friends or colleagues to rub iPhone 6's on their faces to, you know, “gauge whether there is any real issue”. Interestingly enough, that's exactly what Mashable's Christina Warren did, allowing her to rather declaratively gauge that “#hairgate is not a thing”.