Google+ is just fine says contracted third party developer working on it weekends from his apartment

Re/Code asks David Besbris, head of social media at Google, some questions about Google+

Is Google+ going away anytime soon?

We’re actually very happy with the progress of Google+, [CEO Larry Page] said this at the time that Vic transitioned that he’s going to continue working on building this stuff, that he’s very happy with it. The company is behind it. I have no idea where these rumors come from to be honest with you.

New Google+ Head David Besbris: We’re Here for the Long Haul (Q&A) | Re/code

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In the mean time, I never have, and still don't get Google+, but I really don't mind if Hangouts sticks around ad infinitum because it's great for Apple to non-Apple video conferencing where Skype isn't an option, i.e. parents that have a Nexus 7 tablet where Skype doesn't work, or perhaps a spouse's parents, who maybe run Windows XP, where Skype is deviously no longer supported, just to pull two totally random absolutely not personal examples from my, err… a hat.