Samsung's market share madness

 AppleInsider's Daniel Eran Dilger:

Essentially, every vendor apart from Apple in IDC's top five has the same strategy of being "focused on shipments and market share" rather than profitability, giving them the same trajectory as Samsung. IDC is applauding this just as it applauded Samsung right up to its profit implosion.

Meanwhile, IDC has gravely warned for years that Apple's market share continues to slip—in both smartphones and tablets—as it finds new ways to increase its Others category to insure the statistics keep telling this story of slipping market share.

However, Apple's profitability has continued to remain spectacularly high, even as shipment and market share leaders shifted from Motorola to Blackberry to Nokia to Samsung as their predecessors imploded in failure. Apple has made it explicitly clear that its goal is not market share, but profitability, something that's only achieved by building great products that people want to buy. Gunning for market share is much easier: just ship tons of cheap products, and if necessary, give them away.

In fact, by publishing misleading market estimate figures that obscured the real value of Samsung's shipment volumes, research firms incentivized Samsung to make poor business decisions.

How Apple, Inc. went thermonuclear on Samsung, erasing Android's primary profit center | AppleInsider

Emphasis mine. No doubt Captain Samsung will ride the good ship "Market Share" all the way down to their watery grave along with so many others that never set anchor in the Sea of High Margins.